Thursday, June 2, 2011


Long day. I flew cross country LAX (7am) to Atlanta (last seat in the back in a corner, no window.
4 1/2 hrs.) change planes then Atlanta to Tampa airport where I was picked up to go to St. Petersburg. Checked into hotel. Went to Georgie's Alibi for a sound check. Back to hotel. By now it's 8:30pm. Showtime 10pm.

I meet up with my 2 friends Nini & Stacey from Daytona. Nini ran my iPod during the show. Frank & Peter from What's Happening Magazine came too. So glad. My voice was barely recovering for the show. Barely. I could have done better. But that's life.
Stacey, Nini and I go across the street from the Hampton Inn to a diner to eat. I was starving. Back to the hotel. Stacey & Nini slept in one bed, me in another. I don't understand this hotel...on normal TV they were showing the Adult Video Awards on. What? Saw Chi LaRue on there. All the girls remind me of my character from '92 - Beverly the Slut. I took a lot of flack for that back then. But now days I see 'Beverly the Slut' everywhere.

Damn, I only planned my life up to this point. I don't know what to do beyond this. I was hoping I would not have to pay the upcoming June's rent. Damn!

Woke up around 11am.  Stacey & Nini were already gone. Hotel is kicking me out of the room because they're sold out. I finish packing. Hang out in the lobby for about an hour and do computer work. Facebook and Emails.

They drive me to Tampa airport. 2 hrs in restaurant. Read the USA Today about Oprah's last shows. Tampa to Atlanta. Change planes and board again the LAST SEAT (this time isle by the bathrooms).
The flight was soooo long going back to LA. Arrive around 10pm. Eventually make my way to the parking lot to get my car. I'm not used to traveling alone. I've never liked it. It feels too lonely. I prefer going with an assistant or my own sound person. I'm trying to save clubs money but it's hard.

I am so happy to wake up in my own bed. Mmmmmm another beautiful day in Southern California. Mom called and wished me Happy Birthday. I eventually get my luggage out of my car and prepare for an evening shoot for TruTV. Just a small segment for a pilot similar to 'Taxi Cab Confessions.'  I shot it with friend Jackie Beat. The producer and director said our segment was their favorite.
Afterwards I made an appearance at Club 11 in West Hollywood for The SASSY AWARDS. I went with my friend Gail Boggs. Afterwards we went to get a burger down the street. The streets were wild. It was Long Beach Pride this day. Lots of people must have continued the party into WeHo.

Around 2am I remember that one of the producers of TruTV had given me 2 red velvet cupcakes from SWEET LADY JANE  I remembered they were in the fridge so I went to the fridge, got the 2 cupcakes, got into bed and wished myself Happy Birthday. I had to work on my Sunday Birthday. It was a long day AND a long weekend, but those 2 cupcakes made everything ok. Grateful.

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