Thursday, August 4, 2011


It was so nice to hang out with Mom in San Antonio. It was peaceful and I was able to think about a lot of things. She's getting on in years and she has always been there for me 100%. I don't know...maybe I should move home for a while. I want to spend more time with her and I don't want to have any regrets later.
I was also able to see some friends, go out to dinner, jog (even though it was so sweltering hot even in the evening). I used my iPhone to document the 3 and 4 miles.

By the end of July I took off to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware to do a show at the Blue Moon Cafe/Restaurant/Club. By all accounts it seems that I did a good show, everyone seemed to like it and I love the owners Tim & Randy. They spoil me with good food, good attention to detail and such kind generosity. It's always so much fun for me in Rehoboth.

Pamela Stanley who had a massive hit in the 80s with a song called "COMING OUT OF HIDING" performs at Blue Moon regularly in the early evenings and can really really belt out a song.  I over-heard her singing Rihanna's S&M song while I was in the dressing room. I could swear it was the original record except Pamela sings it better! I met her Son and his girlfriend. We all had a fantastic dinner together along with Tim & Randy. Miss Mona who is the entertainment director works there, had airport duty. He was so nice. I had to land in Philadelphia and be driven 2 hours in on Tuesday July 26, perform on the 27, leave July 28 with another 2hr drive back to Philadelphia but Miss Mona was nice to talk to. Thursday the 28th was a LONG 12hr day traveling enroute to LA. 
The wonderful Royal Rose Inn Guest house where I stayed. Rehoboth Beach, DE. Just steps away from the club.

 Dining room of Blue Moon. Fried green tomatoes appetizer. So good! Big compliments to Chef Lion Gardner. Everything is sooo exquisite.

 Daytime view of the performance room. At night they fill it with chairs to hold over 100 people. I did my full multi-media show. The sound was fantastic here. Tim & Randy KNOW how to pull it together. It was a joy to perform here.

A jog before the show. I jogged around a little lake. Maybe man-made.
The dressing room backstage at Blue Moon.
Sidewalk towards The Royal Rose Guest house.
Exterior of The Blue Moon Restaurant/Cabaret.

                                              Inside the Royal Rose Room. Video for Mom.

Boardwalk Rehoboth Beach. Wed. 7/27/11

After show with Phoenix who performs regularly at Blue Moon.
My Marquee! oh well.
Some fun audience members after the show.
Pamela Stanley's 80s hit "Coming Out of Hiding." The song still sounds good even today.
Back in LA:
My friend Billy picked me up from LAX on Thursday. I wound up going to his house up in Sherman Oaks. The next day Friday evening he had a get-together with some friends. Very nice California evenings. Paradise. Unlike the rest of the Country which is sweltering.
Matt & Lilly
  My song "SUMMER SUN" I made them frolic.

Saturday afternoon July 30, was a full-blown pool party at Billy's house.
It finally occurred to me that when I decided to leave NY in Jan '09 I vowed if there was going to be a recession / depression, that I was going to spend it in beautiful Sunny Los Angeles, CA  by a pool. My dream came true.

By Monday August 1, I came back to reality and had some meetings. There's always a meeting to be had in LA. Showbiz.

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