Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Nov. 16 & 17 I started out at CASITA del CAMPO in Silverlake, CA. My new multi-media show 'HISTORY REPEATING.'  It rained. It poured and in LA when that happens most people do NOT like to leave their homes. Nonetheless, I had respectable houses and standing ovations. Pre-show music videos play before the show to entertain the audience from the moment they walk in. As the show unfolds, every performance is enhanced with video visuals.

Tue. Nov. 27 I drove to Palm Springs with a fun new assistant (Benn Mendoza). Everybody was in love with him. He helped me keep it together. He sold merchandise after the show. I did my Christmas show at my once-a-month at STREETBAR on Arenas St. 8pm.  The place was packed and we had fun. Ran into a lot of old friends from my past.

 Benn Mendoza wearing the Tshirt on our way to STREETBAR.
Shot at The WARM SANDS VILLAS who is my sponsor for accommodations in Palm Springs.

Wed. Nov. 28 we drove to San Diego. Almost ran out of gas because I never looked at the gage. Checked into The Sommerset Suites. Room 108.
Thur. Nov. 29 I performed at MARTINI'S ABOVE 4th. The restaurant, cabaret, martini bar was packed solid. I did my show with a sampling of Christmas songs from my Christmas album on iTunes. What warmed my heart was a sailor telling me that on the ship, he and his buddies would listen to 'SUMMER SUN' from my JAMESTOWN album as well as 'OLD SCHOOL DISCO.' He mentioned that his mom plays my album all the time and has been telling all her friends about me.

ALSO...people were buying my Christmas album for my original song "First Christmas Without U." I included "First Christmas Without U" as a bonus track on my Christmas album at the last minute before uploading it to iTunes. I wrote it in '98 after my Dad died from Cancer. But it was not produced until last year by Bob Esty who has worked with Barbra Streisand, Donna Summer and Cher. The show was packed! Basically Sold-Out! The owners said they want me back.
It's a nice place serving dinners and over 50 different Martinis. 
 'Martini's Above 4th' San Diego with Benn at Sound Check rehearsal.  The stage is in the distance with the piano on it. 
After the show in SD. Do I know how to find my light or what?! Haha...

Nov. 30 We had some Indian food. Then headed back to LA. Rainy. Drizzly.  I was exhausted. I got a call from my friend actress, comedian, writer Nadya Ginsburg asking me if I could do her makeup tomorrow morning as Madonna for a pilot she was working on. I agreed because I still love makeup. Makeup & dance classes were my first love when I was just starting out in my early 20s - until Marilyn "interrupted" everything. I love the art of transformation.

Dec. 1 I got up at 6am to prepare the makeup and be at Nadya's house at 8am. It's kinda fun painting someone else instead of myself. Below is the before & after:

Nadya Ginsburg as herself.

Nadya Ginsburg as Madonna.

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