Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Nov. 15, 2011 Tuesday:
I did my show at Casita del Campo. I had a great audience. I was in excellent voice. I even sang "Evergreen" for the Streisand voice. I rarely ever do this number because it's toooo hard. I got 2 standing ovations. Sold a lot of merch. My longtime friend/designer Michael Schmidt showed up. with Moniker Mgmt's Diana Coney. Also the talented male actress Jackie Beat came with writer Muffy Bolding, actress Selene Luna, actor/club impresario Mario Diaz,  entertainer Calpernia, star trainer Craig Ramsay, legendary music producer Bob Esty and more people from music, television and film. Although I was kinda feeling a little low, the audience really picked me up and I had a great time.  November 15 holds memories that I try to ignore. But I won't go into it.
http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0225019/   (Mario Diaz)
http://amprofile.blogspot.com/2011/02/bob-esty-has-worked-with-some-divas.html (Bob Esty)  

Nov. 20, 2011 Saturday
Woke up at Billy's. We went shopping. He bought a BIG Karaoke Machine so that we can all sing at his Thanksgiving party. Only problem is...the neighbors! He also bought a big refrigerator for his back porch patio and a bunch of stuff at Bed Bath & Beyond.
Billy rolling out the Karaoke Machine to put in his car. That's the owner Faye (R) who sold the machine and lots of Karaoke CDs. She wants her dolly back. http://singingstore.com/
 Nov. 21, 2011 Sunday:
Sunday Morning I woke up in Sherman Oaks at my friend Billy's house. He has a room there for me to get away. I go up to the mountain, I hear Paula Abdul lives on his street, maybe I'll go Christmas caroling at her house.  It was pouring rain & cold this Morning! In L.A. most people don't know how to handle this weather but it was so refreshing and cool. The rain cleans the air. We need that.  I stumbled out of bed like Dolly Parton without her wig and went to the kitchen. I love using Keurig 1 cup-at-a-time coffee maker.  I discovered Emiril's Big Easy Intense coffee - so good.  Billy bought it yesterday at Bed Bath & Beyond. I like a good strong coffee. Even though it's bold and intense, it had a slight hickory smooth overtone - not bitter at all.

It was so hard for me to figure out how I would muster the energy to go out tonight but I had a commitment to judge a "Cabaret Idol" contest at The Hollywood Bar & Grill on Sunset and Gower. Even though I just wanted to date Emeril and kick it down a notch with some coffee and chill out. Billy brought KFC original recipe. OH LORD... I have not eaten this stuff in over a year. I've kinda been eating vegan lately - not 100% but leaning towards it somewhat. I had a small amount  of KFC and tried not to think about the investigative report by Brian Ross at ABC NEWS expose on the Sparboe facility in Vincent, Iowa. They showed the chickens are unsanitary and gross and McDonalds pulled out of their contract with the facility. The chicken wing I ate had broken bones. The chicken is not healthy. I'm grossing myself out...yuk. Whenever I eat vegan, I never feel tired or bloated. Eating vegan makes me feel nourished.

6:30pm I eventually took my flesh-eating body down to judge "Cabaret Idol" and I was so entertained with the  talent of the contestants. The contest is weekly every Sunday at 7pm but I only judged this one night. I sang "8 Divas" with a live piano player and drums. I think I did pretty good. I got a rousing ovation. Everybody was very nice to me.

Late night snack: Ranch corn nuts and Good n Plenty licorice candy...Very VEGAN.

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