Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hey Lisa,
I'm frantically packing to go to Palm Springs tomorrow.
I'm judging a Drag contest called "Broadway In Drag" @ The Palm Canyon Theater. I'm doing 1 promo number Cher - "Memory"

Saturday, Nov. 5 I do a 2pm 30min show at the Pride outdoor festival.
8:00pm I do The Purple Room. I saw Ross' name in the ticket sales - Thanks :)

I got flyers to promote AND the cutest FASHIONISTA bracelets which act as the ticket to get into The Purple Room. I LOVE the bracelets. I'll have to mail you a couple.

Sunday, Nov. 6  I do an early Morning guest appearance with THE REAL Carol Channing for PBS "IN THE LIFE."

Monday Nov. 7  I go back to L.A.  whewwww.....

My networking in Los Angeles and the West Coast feels like it is finally starting to build like I had it built it up in NYC.

Oh, and just a few days ago I contacted Bob Esty (music producer for Cher "Take Me Home" and other songs... he's also produced Donna Summer "Last Dance" Striesand "Enough Is Enough" also Weather Girls "It's Raining Men." etc... he's great. I've known him for many years. I sent him my acappella vocals of a song I wrote called "First Christmas Without U." I want him to produce the music so when I upload my Christmas album early December, I can add it as a bonus track. I'm VERY excited. I'm a big fan of Bob Esty! He's big time and I'm lucky to know him. He's a great guy.

Last Saturday, Oct. 29  (Halloween wkend) I performed as Ursula the Witch  with a black guy dressed as the Little Mermaid. It was so much fun! I sang "Poor Unfortunate Soul."
After I did the Ursula thing I went into FASHIONISTA in the Ursula!
It was SUCH A FUN PARTY! My friend Billy Butler produced it and paid for it.
About 500 people were there. Everybody was in a great mood and just having fun!

I actually drank Jack Daniels on the rocks! Can you believe it? You know I never drink.
After the show that night I got to meet Tara - Pat Carol's daughter!
Pat Carol is the voice of Ursula in the Disney movie "Little Mermaid." That was so cool.
Ursula & Tara! Pat Carol's daughter after my performance. Her Mom Pat Carol did the original voice for Ursula. You gotta watch it on YouTube. It's the ONLY voice for Ursula. I was all too happy to use my lower register of my voice for the character. Jack Daniels is good for the low That white thing in my dress is a big fan that opens up.
I only know Billy in this picture (the pirate next to me). You can see what he really looks like on his Facebook. William Butler. I did not recognize him at first in his costume.
Me singing as Ursula the Witch "Poor Unfortunate Souls." Lower left corner The Little Mermaid Bruce
This is only some of the stuff I've been up to lately...and btw, I'm soooo late in writing in my Blog, so if you don't mind I'm going to copy and paste this email into my Blog. I've been so busy lately -
15 hour days! That's Hollywood.

Love to U & Linda xoxo

P.S. You girls have been so good to me. Whenever you want me to do another party for you. Just ask. I would be happy to perform in your home again. Your Oct. 7 party was a blast! xo

P.S.S. The Kardashians are whores!

P.S.S. Ursula "Poor Unfortunate Souls:

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