Monday, March 28, 2011


We lost the legendary screen legend and artist Dame Elizabeth Taylor. I did feel like so many it was an end of an era. The last of the Great Great Giant Movie Stars. Fame and celebrity is different now. In watching all of her footage flying across the tv screen, I really marvel at how Elizabeth Taylor made her life matter. Her tireless fight and struggle later in life to raise millions for AIDS was awe inspiring. I aspire to make my life matter like she did. Thank you Dame Elizabeth for sharing your gifts with us. Thank you for sharing your humanitarianism. Rest in peace oh Great Beauty. I hope in heaven you have been reunited with all your friends.
My friends who do Born This Way Radio asked if I could do a call in interview. I decided to create a story line in that the premise would be that Heaven was going to have a "Giant" celebration party accepting Ms. Taylor into the heavens.  The radio station would have a direct line into heaven to speak to some of the performers at this party. Judy Garland, Eartha Kitt, Billie Holiday and Bette Davis was the MC. So anyway, if you have time you can listen to the link below. Hope it works. I don't have time to listen to it. 
What's funny about the the radio interview is that I was performing at a REAL private party, so I was calling in while the people at my party provided background noise. I performed for Gene Kelly's widow Patricia So it was a crazy day & night doing the radio show, performing at the party and earlier doing laundry and getting my outfits ready for tomorrows TV pilot performance.
Just look at this Goddess work a headdress!
"Born This Way Radio" with Jimmy James! 4/3/11 
I'll be on the show again 4/3/11. To promote my return to The Cavern Club Theater. Back by popular demand! YAY!!!   CAVERNCLUBTHEATER.COM
MONDAY / MARCH 28....Today I had to be on set at 10am for a new TV project. I can't talk about it yet because I signed a non-disclosure contract. But I will say the premise of the show is talent. We spent all day Monday taping the show at The Music Box Theater. Fingers crossed. I hope it gets somewhere. There were 14 contestants. The auditions were last week and I got cast. Very cool!
Then in the evening I went to the valley with my workout friend to do outdoor aerobics. It costs $1.00! It takes place on a cluster of 4 tennis courts and attracts over 100 people. I'm so sore and tired. I gotta build up to my stamina. Last week it rained a lot in LA so I got lazy and didn't do my workouts. I gotta makeup for it this week.

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