Monday, March 14, 2011


 First of all my heart and prayers go out to the Japanese people. My father spoke fluent Spanish and Japanese. I've always been fascinated by the Japanese. For now I thank God for my comfortable bed and shelter with enough food and water. I am so grateful but living in LA, you never know when something might happen. But I can't help it. I have to live here for now.

Two weeks ago I met with a life coach and I was a fast learner. I will continue with him again soon. But for now I became very busy with a lot of things. Just talking things out with the life coach was very eye-opening. I started to see more possibilities than I thought were there. I felt renewed.

I began jogging with a couple of film makers. Don't ask me how, but it just happened through a series of events. Anyway, I've been able to learn more about the business and it's been exhilarating. One of the film makers is still sticking to it and picking me up in the Mornings to go walking / jogging. We get to talk about the ins and outs of the business and I learn, learn, learn.

I'm glad I have a workout buddy. My jawline seems to be coming back. I like my jawline when it's not covered with fat. We do our workouts in the morning which has always been my fantasy but inevitably I always wind up doing it in the late afternoon or evening hours. I'm back on the wagon. Spring is coming.

My network of contacts keeps increasing out here in Hollyweird and I like that. 

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