Thursday, March 3, 2011


I went with my friend Gail Boggs to see an afternoon showing of Justin Bieber's movie NEVER SAY NEVER at Century City's AMC theaters. This boy is so talented it brought me to tears. If anyone is looking at him as just a teen idol they're grossly mistaken. This kid is a prodigy. A brilliant one. He writes many of his own songs, plays drums, piano, guitar, dances like a well seasoned dancer, sings pitch perfect with soul AND has the most amazing electrifying charisma. You won't be writing this boy off any time soon. While watching this film I felt like I was witnessing something incredibly special.

The new world of YouTube and Social Media certainly helped to fuel and accelerate his fame but the fame is deserved. You learn in this film that even with all his talent he was told "NO" countless times by the record and radio industry because there was no format for his "youngness." He made it without Disney or Nickelodeon.  He's not just "cute."  He's not just a "teen idol." What I witnessed in this film was truly something to behold and a promise for the future that says true gifted talented artistists can still rise above the drowning noise of lip sync and vocoded performers.


The above pix were shot in the movie theater with my cell phone. From the movie "NEVER SAY NEVER"

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